Bath Renovations

Bath Renovations

Many homeowners tend to overlook their bathroom. Because this space serves a very specific purpose, it can be easy to view it as functional. However, did you know that your bathroom can be both functional and beautiful to look at? At Ark Home Renovations, we believe that every space of your house should feel like home.


Although many individuals attempt bathroom renovations on their own, this process can quickly spiral out of hand, causing great frustration and stress. Our team of renovations experts can help you transform your bathroom into a space you enjoy. 


From simple renovations to more complex remodels, working with us on your next project will save you both time and money. By providing unique solutions to your existing problems and ensuring that the work is done correctly the first time, Ark Home Renovations will provide you with a streamlined renovation process. 

Adding Function to Your Bathroom

It seems as if the functionality of bathrooms is often overlooked during the planning process. Although they meet the basic requirements, there is much to be desired. One of the easiest ways to add function to the bathroom during the renovation process is to replace the existing storage with more functional cabinets. Adding a beautiful vanity or built-in storage system allows you to keep your linens and other items out of mind yet still easily accessible. 


The team at Ark Home Renovations also specializes in renovating bathrooms to ensure they are ADA Compliant. Renovating a bathroom to meet your physical needs can include adding an enclosed one-piece shower, adjusting the floor plan to provide ample open spaces, and installing toilets and sinks that meet the necessary requirements. These modifications are not only necessary in some situations but can also add great function to a space that you are currently unable to use in its full capacity.

Creating a Relaxing, Spa-Like Experience

A bathroom should not only be functional, but it should also be a relaxing oasis! With the help of Ark Home Renovations, you can easily transform your bathroom into a space of spa-like relaxation. This can be done by adding a beautiful soaking tub or even a dual showerhead in the shower. Small renovations like this can create a place where you can easily escape from your day-to-day life.


Another way to easily renovate the atmosphere of your bathroom is to upgrade the flooring! The team at Ark Home Renovations can assist you in installing a new floor that both suits the function of the room and adds to its aesthetic appeal.


Whether you are looking to add functionality to your bathroom or create a spa-like escape from reality, Ark Home Renovations is ready to bring your dreams to life.


Ark Home Renovations is a local company based in Broken Arrow, OK. We are currently offering our home renovation services to homeowners in Broken Arrow, Tulsa, and surrounding cities within a 50-mile radius. Our team of professionals has the time and certifications necessary to complete your bathroom renovation project with ease.

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